We believe Inclusion within society is possible, we can achieve this within our communities with a Care Team Support Network.

One of the many aspects of JINO Justice is providing people within Communities with a Care Team Support Network. Together we achieve dreams into reality.

We will support, coordinate, collaborate, communicate with someone wanting to make a change in the community. We will provide help with instruction and information in them forming projects. We as well cover projects of our own.

Here you will find some of them projects we are involved with. Our goal is, support you with the tools you need in making the change in your own community.

Many times people have the desire and want change. They sometimes just need help getting it from a vision into reality. That is where we can help them.

We not only handle our own projects, we help support you in yours. You are not alone on your journey in making your dreams a reality.

If you want to make positive change that helps others and does not harm anyone and need some help, we can achieve that together.














Johnathan Backensto achieved reality of Inclusion. John wanted included into society and he has achieved paving the way for inclusion. John with the help of his Mom (Brenda Wideman) started Social Scene for Autistic teens. Teens and young adults meet in public and enjoy social interactions like others. John is an inspiration fulling his dream into reality, Inclusion.

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Email Address: jinojustice@jinojustice.org

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