Restraint & Seclusion abuse in our schools

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There is no evidence that using restraint or seclusionis effective in reducing the occurrence of the problem behaviors that frequently precipitate the use of such techniques. This is in the Restraint and seclusion: Resource document U.S. department of education. No evidence that using this method effectively reduces what they dem problem behvariors. So we must ask them, "Why use them then."

As well stated in this same report is below by Arne Duncan

As many reports have documented, the use of restraint and seclusion can have very serious consequences, including, most tragically, death. Furthermore, there continues to be no evidence that using restraint or seclusion is effective in reducing the occurrence of the problem behaviors that frequently precipitate the use of such techniques. Schools must do everything possible to ensure all children can learn, develop, and participate in instructional programs that promote high levels of academic achievement. To accomplish this, schools must make every effort to structure safe environments and provide a behavioral framework, such as the use of positive behavior interventions and supports, that applies to all children, all staff, and all places in the school so that restraint and seclusion techniques are unnecessary.

U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. It reflects the experiences of more than 50 million students at over 96,000 public schools across the country during the 2015-2016 school year. In this report it showed that REFERRALS TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AND ARRESTS BY DISABILITY (IDEA) Approximately 82,800 of the 291,100 total students referred to law enforcement or arrested were students with disabilities (IDEA).

During the 2015–16 school year, 122,000 students (approximately 0.2 percent of all students enrolled) across the nation were physicallyrestrained, mechanically restrained, or secluded. Nearly 86,000 of those students were subjected to physical or mechanical restraint, and over 36,000 were subjected to seclusion.

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We are living in a time where our children can no longer wait, wait for you to decide if this is really happening in our schools. We have an alarming rate of our children being abused in schools and the time is now for us to stand up and speak out, it is time to be their voice. We can no longer be silent on this subject. Our children need us taking action.

How can we do this you might wonder, we can come together and be a strong voice for them, we can help support bills that will protect our children and end this. We can call, email our Politicians and tell them enough. Let them know the abuse in schools must end now. Many ways we all can take part in the solutions in ending abuse in schools. It takes one voice coming together with other voices when together we have enough voices to be heard.

Separately, the latest civil rights data also indicated that just over 1 in 10 allegations of harassment or bullying that schools received were based on disability, while students with disabilities accounted for a quarter of those disciplined for harassment or bullying.

We have been seeing a trend with our child with a disability as it is classified. One that is alarming and we need to take notice.

Our children with different abilities are a target, for abuse, bullying, and yet are the ones arrested the most for behaviors as they call them in school.

We have a crisis in our Nation and it is not just teachers, we need to be holding the ones accountable that are responsible. Many times it is board member's of a school, Principles, aides.

We can not get lost in blaming just teachers and think all staff and schools are like this. We have many great leaders in some schools across this Nation that are models others can learn from, we have teachers and staff in schools that care. They have found working viable solutions for inclusion for our children and ways to adapt learning that meets needs. We need to look at what is working and adapt. You can not graft a new idea into a closed mind, you must become open minded to new ideas for solutions. In that we will find our children's dreams can become reality.

Lets all dream with our children, being accepted and inclusion in society as a whole. We all have dreams, lets at-least build our children's dreams into possibilities. The right to a free education, without fear of harm. Where they all have a right to learn in a safe environment, where dream are possible.

Join us in this journey, being a voice for our children. Contact us at JINO Justice and find ways you can help, you can as well find us on fb.

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