Fostering mutual respect, Such mutual respect is critical. “When there is true collaboration, each team member’s unique knowledge, skills and abilities are respected because the team is committed to a common goal.

Team collaboration depends on a just culture that supports fair, equal and consistent approaches to variances in care while promoting a safe/fear-free environment.

Care Teams hold  the potential to improve outcomes, to capture the full potential of team-based care, institutions, organizations, governments, and individuals must invest in the people and processes that lead to improved outcomes. Given the activity in Care Team, present today, immediate  investment in these areas holds potential for transformation in U.S.  care and optimal well being for the people of the U.S.


We embrace the paradigm of the people as a mental, physical and spiritual being, more than an evolution from the basic model of “body, mind and spirit” into a more inclusive social, political, economic, metaphysical, ecological and worldwide dimension of care. “The multiple dimensions of the people with self and others require equal status with the physical and objective foundations, with a Care Team Approach it is the next step up, because it incorporates not just conventional and alternative, but all dimensions.

We embrace the whole being of an individual, we open possibilities for inclusion.

Bridging the gap into a society that everyone has something to speak at the table, allowing decision making on collaborating, communicating and coordinating together.

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