We help advocate for support for children and adults with or without disabilities attributes, Human Rights are Disability Rights. With the broader aspect of civil rights and disability rights movements we at Justice In Name Of work in bringing more accommodation to the different abilities in our communities. We feel by working with others in our communities and help them advocate, they learn essential tools and learn how to advocate for themselves. That self-advocacy empowers individuals in a meaningful way our society needs for improvement on inclusion. We believe each person in society deserve the respect and has the right to be heard even in policy making levels that impacts a person’s life. 
With the right support, information and tools each person becomes empowered to seek Justice for them self and others.

Respect and Inclusion:
Each person deserves the right to be heard and respected, along with full inclusion in society. We view people within our communities as equals; we encourage self-advocacy for all people.  Justice In Name Of work with others, parents, caregivers and other allies in achieving the goals and interest ensuring that everyone’s rights of inclusion and civil rights are upheld.  Our goal is to change the perceptions that are dispelled in society, "That no longer the myths and stereotypes have a place in society that led to discrimination, segregation or abuse."

That is where Integrated Care Team Approach comes in, we communicate, collaborate and coordinate, with looking at the 5 principles, formulate a approach that address the need based assessment with recommendations from the team that embodies the reflection of what is the best resolution, taking a look at the whole, across all dimension.

We Communicate, Coordinate and Collaborate with Doctors, Medical Field, Schools, Legal Field, Judges, Family Law Court, Clinics, Hospitals, Therapist, Social Workers. We look at the 5 principles of the individual, with experience and training in the Integrated care team approach, we individualize a plan assessment and make recommendations looking at the whole.
What we achieved in doing this is, “relieved the burden and strain across the whole dimension and the individual as well within the scope of Therapeutic jurisprudence.

We are a organization that formulated a viable program that when placed into action brings results within the situations that affect our society. We not only advocate, we help educate people on better ways in resolution, we legislate for change in laws which will improve life for others. We have projects we work on as a team, we as well have a team that will look at case by case, research and investigate best solutions for the situation at hand. We apply the care team approach in all we do, this approach has been proven in being an effective tool in positive resolution in situations across the whole dimension scope of issues that plaque society.

We are more than an advocacy group, we are Leaders in setting the standard of implication of the Care Team Network across the full dimension scope of society. Keeping in mind the person has a voice and our place is making sure that voice is heard.

JINO Justice stands for Justice In Name Of and each person has a name,  not only bridging the gap in people that need help with people that can help, we are bringing Justice in Name Of         



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JINO Justice was formed in 2014, after some of us connected across the Nation together in support of our children being Restraint and Secluded in Schools and not only supporting one another, learning how to better advocate. We started helping each other be better voices for our children, then after sometime we decided why not start a organization and help others.

So that is when a group of 5 women came together and started JINO Justice, we decided to take a stand and not only help our children, start helping change lives for the better across the Nation. WE found on our journey how discrimination affect Millions. We wanted to be part of the solution in society in change. With that we formed, held a business meeting and launched our Organization. Our journey has embarked us on growth and change as time goes on.

Not only do we help be a voice for Education, we help be a voice across the whole dimension in what ones living with disability attributes face.




Phone #  (202) 681-5517

Email Address: jinojustice@jinojustice.org

United States